Thursday 15 February 2018

Ronaldo show, Neymar bad

CR7 wins the duel with the Brazilian ace and steers Real Madrid to the comeback after Rabiot made it 1-0.
Zizou: “He’s an alien”.
Two goals from the Portuguese, third from Marcelo.
Liverpool devastating, 5-0 against Porto.

Break the bank at Wembley

Juve, five keys to transform a flop into a triumph.
Victory with Tottenham is possible.
You need calm, Dybala and Matuidi, rage from Pipita and a cage.

Drop the poker

Milan forward with Cutrone to extend the positive streak.
First leg of the Last 32 against Ludogorets.
The most in-form striker preferred to André Silva.

Atalanta pride: “there’s no glory without danger”

Gasp launches the slogan to fire up his players against the Borussia battleship.
There are 5,000 to cheer for La Dea and challenge the wall of the German fans.

Let’s take the Cup

The Europa League Round of 16 kicks off

Napoli, Atalanta, Lazio and Milan in the hunt for a trophy that is worth cash and Champions League qualification

Atletico and Arsenal the most dangerous rivals

Juve, why you can do it

All Allegri’s moves to claw back Tottenham

In the last 45 years, fixtures overturned six times out of seven

Champions League

Ronaldo and Real, what a lesson for Neymar and PSG

And Liverpool lay down the Manita

Zidane wins 3-1 and CR7 bags a brace

Crazy 5-0 with Salah on Porto’s home turf

The new Eder is the Inter guarantee

The striker has scored five goals, Icardi’s absence is less painful


Change of plan, the fans are in Udine

The club authorises entry to 224 supporters with tickets bought before the ban

Ottavio Bianchi reveals: ‘This is how Napoli bewitched me’

‘A coming together of intelligence, fairness and culture. In still have the San Paolo chants in my mind’

Lippi Champions League advice

Juve, I’ll tell you how it’s done

‘Allegri is right, you need optimism and self-confidence. It’ll be a different match with Tottenham in London. Remember how it ended in 2003 at Camp Nou?’

CR7 overturns PSG: 3-1

What a Liverpool in Oporto: 5-0

Europa League

Usual Sarri: ‘Cup is crazy’

Gattuso: ‘No, it’s an honour’

The Napoli Coach: ‘There’s SPAL in 60 hours’

Atalanta enthusiasm: ‘In Dortmund to play our game’

Lazio in Bucharest, Caicedo under investigation for match-fixing

TV rights from Serie A end up in China!

Mazzari ideas in midfield

Towards the derby: Toro prepare their traps

The Granata Coach will try to win Sunday’s clash in the middle of the park: Baselli and Ansaldi the keys, at least two systems ready