Saturday 24 February 2018


Messi sent me

Inter: the ex-Barcelona man speaks

‘Leo told me to go to a big club. Spalletti is looking after me. Now I want the derby: it’s on a par with Barca-Real and Boca-River, the world talks about it’

‘We’ve got what it takes to enter the Champions League’

Failure will not be allowed

Icardi returns against Benevento, but on the bench

Europa League draw for the Round of 16

Milan-Arsenal, there’s history here

It goes better for Lazio: Kiev

The Rossoneri pick one of the tournament favourites, but Aubameyang won’t be there

Why they’ll win….


‘Sarri will make it, the whole team has improved. Zielinski is the extra man and Milik is returning’


‘Allegri will repeat his success. He has more quality, a super Dybala and is playing the head-to-head on home turf’

In the Europa League, Milan pick Wenger

Inzaghi is luckier: there’s Dinamo Kiev

Rino, the future in 12 days

Roma, Lazio, Inter, Arsenal: Gattuso tries the big leap

Prati, double ex, speaks out: ‘Under and Suso decisive’

‘My Milan was unbeatable. Rocco? Great. The most beautiful goal was with Roma’

Spalletti to Inter: ‘Let’s start again’

Attack on Benevento

Snow nightmare on Bologna-Genoa

Aspiring scrapyard merchants

Caldara and Spinazzola: tomorrow adversaries with Atalanta, from July reinforcements for Juve

With Rugani, they’ll form the defence of the future, but must first shove today’s pillars on to the scrapheap

Meanwhile, Pjanic launches Dybala: ‘Paulo, I’ll leave you the free kicks’

Mazzarri therapy

Toro, no more fear

Molinaro shock: fractured fibula

Davide Lippi

‘Politano-Caprari, the whole truth’


Against Arsenal it’s almost the Champions League

Europa League draw: Lazio in Kiev

In Bilbao a rehearsal for World Cup terror

Russian hooligans worry FIFA


Internal divisions and angry fans, even Benevento agitate Spalletti