Saturday 17 March 2018

Champions League: Italy-Spain with shivers

The monsters are coming

But we are not afraid

Roma against Messi’s Barcelona

Then Totti ‘calls’ Real for Juve and he’s right: Ronaldo

Dybala: ‘We are ready’

Europa League: Lazio find Salzburg

Allegri (chased by PSG) tonight against SPAL seeks +7 over Napoli

Milan forward with Gattuso

Rossoneri offer Rino an extended contract

‘He has proved everything’: that is how the club promotes the Coach

By the end of the month a renewal will be worked out to open a new era

Balo-Nazionale it’s another ‘no’

Zaza chance, Cutrone warms up

Di Biagio’s choices

Udinese-Sassuolo, where is the victory?

‘Juve, you can do it’

Very difficult quarter-finals, but for Ancelotti the qualification remains open

‘Real are steely, but Max knows how to move in order to avenge Cardiff’

Roma Fever

Hunt is on for tickets against Messi

Totti: Nothing is to be taken for granted, they’ll have to sweat

Lazio in the Europa League, Inzaghi is paired with Salzburg

Champions League draw

Juve-Real Madrid


Sevilla-Bayern Munich

Liverpool-Manchester City

Causio: ‘In Serie A they no longer have a winger like me or Conti’

‘Modern football has annulled the role. Watch out for Cuadrado and Bernardeschi. Juve live on winning cycles’

Allegri at Ferrara seeking another record

The Bianconeri can reach 10 consecutive clean sheets, equalling a record set in 2016


Sarri warms up the three tenors

Objective is 100 points: they need goals from Insigne, Mertens and Callejon


Gattuso will sign until 2020

Confirmation of Ringhio is certain, negotiations during the break


It’s the most beautiful

The Nyon draw puts last year’s Finalists head-to-head

Allegri: ‘We must be positive, a year ago we eliminated Barcelona in the quarter-final…’

And Barça will be the opponents for Roma in an exciting double Italy-Spain clash

Lazio more fortunate in the Europa League: they’ll take on Salzburg

Tonight the Bianconeri in Ferrara against SPAL: objective is to go to +7 above Napoli


Mission relaunch

The fans ask for a turning point on all levels: this is why all is not lost

Cairo: ‘I won’t sell Belotti’


The moment of truth

Gattuso 2020 the first step


Praet under the microscope, the swap deals for Samp to say ok