Sunday 18 March 2018

Juve stop

What a SPAL...side by side with the 'Max' flight

Napoli try to go two points behind

Semplici blocks Allegri's attack

Chiellini injury, misses Italy duty

And Sarri can re-open the Scudetto race against Genoa

All Cutrone: the shirt and the Nazionale

Kalinic sluggish: at home

Derby on 4 April

Spalletti: 'I need to deserve Inter'

And he asks for a change from lost Perisic

Serie B: Everyone slips up, Empoli race towards Serie A

Juve fire blanks

SPAL super, the Scudetto race is re-opened

The leaders are stalled

Allegri: Calm, we’re still on top

Sarri opportunity

Tonight against Genoa, Napoli can close gap to -2


The Rossoneri striker in the Nazionale, but still no Balotelli

Di Biagio calls up many young players, including Chiesa, Rugani and Pellegrini


He trains badly and Gattuso punishes him: no Chievo

After the Donnarumma storm, more tension at Milan


Team takes Spalletti lesson

‘Beat Samp without fear’

They’re without an away victory in four months and need it for Europe

The survey

Italians are sure: ‘Fewer errors with VAR’

After six months, the response is positive: ‘The league is more equal’

Bianconeri blocked in Ferrara: 0-0

Super SPAL, Juve take a breather

Allegri’s side smack against the wall of Semplici players

Tonight Napoli against Genoa can halve the gap at the top

Concern for Chiellini (muscular problem)

There’s Fiorentina

Toro against the Viola, the moment has arrived to get back on track

Mazzarri sets Ljajic aside and fires up the team: ‘I demand 95 minutes of running and battling’


Gattuso sinks Kalinic and Cutrone goes to the Nazionale

Di Biagio looks to the young hitman

No to Balo