Tuesday 17 April 2018

Europe or bust

In the last six rounds, eight teams for two places.
The sprint starts for the Champions League and Europa League: from Roma to Torino, they’re all ready to elbow each other out the way.
Inter-Cagliari today: Spalletti looks for goals, Icardi and third place - “out of jokers”.
Ranieri is sure: “Lazio-Inter in the last round will be decisive”.

Martial, Juve try

There’s an acceleration, they go into a duel with Bayern.
Buffon thanks Donnarumma and jokes: “After Madrid I went to pick daisies and mushrooms”.

“I couldn’t manage not to save it” - Gigio jokes with the Neapolitans

€138m to agents, here’s how much the clubs have paid

Nicchi: “Referees under attack, there’s the risk of another Calciopoli”

Juve-Napoli, he’ll referee it

Tomorrow Allegri at Crotone while Sarri challenges Udinese.
On Sunday the huge match, who reveal to you who will officiate it: Rocchi and his assistants.

Spalletti shock: “Get moving, Inter”

Relentless league, tonight at 19.45 the early game at San Siro.
Against Cagliari they need points for the Champions League.
Giulini: “Nerazzurro past? It doesn’t count.”

Gigi to Gigio: “What a save, I thank you”

Buffon applauds Donnarumma.

Napoli, the barbecue to recover their motivation

Sarri cements the Azzurri group.

The sprints: top places and salvation, all the clashes

Only Bologna and Genoa are out of play.

Serie B: Palermo at risk, chance for Bari

Rosanero away at Cittadella, Grosso waits for Novara.
Ascoli KO’d.

Gigi and Gigio, Scudetto storm

The Napoli fans against Donnarumma for his save on Sunday, which could be worth a seventh Scudetto for Juve.
And Buffon, reducing the polemic post-Real thanks him: “I sent him a text and complimented him”.

Sirigu, the new symbol of Toro

The goalkeeper has won everyone over.
Performances on the pitch and a serious attitude off it.
“The Granata shirt is a responsibility, not a burden. The fanbase expects a lot.”

Bonucci, the team Lorenzo supports and a friend in Il Gallo: derby of the heart

Inter-Cagliari, Spalletti’s ultimatum: No more bonuses

Diabaté the golden surprise, Benevento expect an auction

TV rights: Sky’s move suspends Mediapro’s tender