Monday 23 April 2018

Napoli -1

This his where the header is!

Azzurri apotheosis at the Stadium: an ugly Juve beaten in the 90th minute by Koulibaly's towering effort

With four games to go, the Scudetto is up for grabs

Allegri warns: "Saturday will be decisive against Inter"

Sarri: "Wonderful"

The city is in delirium

Champions League sprint: they beat Chievo 2-1

Inter, Icardi-Perisic hunt down the Romans

Rossoneri report for duty

Tension at Milan

Atalanta surpass them into sixth

Benevento in B

Crotone blow

Ultras siege at Udinese

Strama to come in?


Napoli, Scudetto coup

Extraordinary header from Koulibaly

Juve beaten at the Stadium (0-1)

Azzurri at minus one

Title race blown wide open

Lazio and Inter, call and response

Double Immobile flattens Samp

Icardi and Perisic take down Chievo

Tomorrow the Champions League

Under: ‘Roma, we’re going to Kiev’

Turkish talent sounds the call: ‘Liverpool out, us in the Final’

Napoli sings

Juve cry

Bianconeri sluggish and ineffective, Dybala nullified and replaced after 45 minutes

The advantage is reduced to one point

Toro, learn from Atalanta

Granata dominated in Bergamo (2-1): La Dea take sixth place

Spalletti won’t stand for it

‘Anyone who claims Inter failed is damaging the team’

Crotone celebrate

Udinese, 11 defeats in a row

Oddo out, there’s Stramaccioni in pole

FA Cup

Conte in the Final, it’s another battle with Mourinho