Friday 27 April 2018

The ex-Rossoneri President at an electoral rally in Udine


You again?

"The way things are going, I'll buy Milan back"

The breakthrough: the talk stops until May 5 

Football and live TV

Open conflict between Mediapro and Sky


Risk everything

Over €5m in gate receipts: an absolute record

For Spalletti and Allegri, there is not only the Champions League or Scudetto at stake but also their futures

And they are not the only ones under scrutiny

Tronchetti: "Between them and I, there isn't history"

Christillin: "Everyone's against us, but we'll win"

Pallotta offers to help out with the investigations. Today, a meeting on safety

Roma sound out UEFA and the Reds

Europa League

Griezmann freezes Wenger (1-1)

After 80 minutes with 10 men


Giovanni Galli: "I've turned 60, and I still think about Niccolo"


Incidents at Anfield

Malagò hits hard: ‘Our football needs a cultural shift’

Viminale on the alert for Roma-Liverpool, there are 5,000 fans coming in

Romanisti on trial on May 24

Their lawyer: ‘It wasn’t them’

The summit

There is tension for Wednesday

Today the English police and UEFA in Rome

Dybala now or never

Against Inter he is gambling with Juve, as Cavani appears on the horizon

Paulo in crisis

Allegri could drop him at San Siro

And the club prepares a plan for his replacement

Sarri’s record: In three years the master of Napoli

Here is how he won over the Azzurri fans

Europa League

Atletico, what a coup

Semi-final first legs

Simeone gets a 1-1 with 10 men

Marseille, 2-0 over Salzburg

Italians want Ancelotti as CT

Survey says 49 per cent chose the ex-Bayern boss, with Conte and Mancini trailing

Now off comes the mask

Tomorrow Inter-Juve will be the match of truth for Dybala: the club supports him, Allegri believes, but he needs a world class end to the season

His ex-girlfriend assures: ‘It’s not a problem of the heart’

Zamparini, who brought him to Italy, gives advice

‘I’ll buy Milan back’

Rossoneri fans fired up after Berlusconi’s declaration in Friuli: ‘Sooner or later, I’ll have to really do it’

The ex-President explains one of the reasons why Forza Italia didn’t get the expected electoral results was the sale of Milan

Toro: More quality and character

Here are the five reinforcements Mazzarri needs on the market

Atalanta: So many projects to continue surprising

Tare: From impulsive hitman to reflective director

Towards the World Cup: We discover Group A