Wednesday 16 May 2018


“Take Italy back to the top of the world… with Balo”.
Roma and Napoli also on Balo.

Inter fever at 90

What expectation for the Champions League “play-off”.
Sunday at the Olimpico against Lazio.
A flood of Nerazzurri fans ready to head to the capital: more than 12,000 at the stadium.
The clash is worth €40m.
Pandev, Crespo, Cruz, Sosa and Colonnese (double ex) vote and are divided: 3-2 for Spalletti.

Perin says yes to Juve, he doesn’t fear Szczesny

Now the OK from Genoa is missing.

Kalinic risking everything

He seeks revenge, sixth place and confirmation at Milan.

Inter, the gift is Gundogan

If Spalletti enters the Champions League, Suning ready to invest to reinforce the midfield: first objective is the German at City

ManCT challenge: ‘I want to win’

Mancini presents himself: here is the plan to relaunch the Nazionale

‘A large squad, paying attention to the needs of clubs. By accepting, I made my parents happy’

Ranieri: ‘Why I stand with Allegri’

Better results or beautiful football? The Nantes boss writes for us

Juve-Dybala, the meeting

Summit on his future and possible contract renewal

The appeal

‘Sarri, stay with us’

Europa League

Garcia-Simeone, it’s a grand final

Tonight in Lyon there’s Marseille-Atletico for the title

Maradona in Belarus


Extremely secret

Veronica Buffon on her brother Gigi: ‘I look in his eyes and see the desire to continue. That’s why I tell him not to stop. He has an incredible collection of jerseys, even that of Ronaldo on the day of the bicycle-kick’

Ubaldo Righetti on his friend Allegri: ‘He’s staying at Juve, he wants to beat more records’

Mou calls Bonucci: come to United

The Milan captain is the first choice for Mourinho to reinforce the defence

Possible profit for the Rossoneri

New Toro midfield, the objective is Locatelli

Sala to Belotti: ‘On Monday speak clearly’

Mazinho, Rafinha’s father: ‘Only Inter for my son’

More confirmation for Barrow

Our poll: 51 per cent say yes to Balotelli in the Azzurri

Football and business: the CR7 brand from cartoons to restaurants

Vicenza between anxiety and hope