Thursday 14 June 2018

Let's have a blast

Today in Moscow, the World Cup starts without Italy

A scandal shakes its build-up

Real leave Spain in the mire

Lopetegui booted out, La Roja bring in Hierro

Investigation into corruption, nine arrested: Parnasi also behind bars

Roma stadium scandal

Pallotta threatens to return to the US

Something rotten in Rome

‘Earthquake’ on the city: arrests for corruption, risk of stopping the new stadium

Jail time for constructor Parnasi and his collaborators, house arrest for top level figures in the Capital

AS Roma are not implicated, but Pallotta is livid: ‘If the Stadium doesn’t happen, you can come and find me in Boston’

Quiet in Moscow

Unfortunately, the moment has arrived: after 60 years we are only spectators

CR7, Neymar, Messi, Pogba and other champions can transform our bitterness with enjoyment of the game

Today Russia-Saudi Arabia

Spain shock

Lopetegui pays with his job for Real’s sneak attack

Tough response from the Federation: Hierro on the bench

Team transformed

Allegri: ‘I said no to Real for Juve’

The Coach reveals another refusal: ‘No Chelsea, Agnelli had my word’

Financial Fair Play

UEFA blast, Inter decimated

The club cannot register new players since 2017 for the Champions League without selling first

The big stars are at risk too

TV rights assigned

Sky take seven, 90’ Minuto is safe

Three of the 10 Serie A games go to Perform (web)

Public service (albeit minimal) is guaranteed over the three years

Exclusive interview

Cancelo calls Juve

‘I expected more consideration from Inter. I want to play in the Champions League and I am a fan of Douglas Costa’

Valencia directors in Italy to negotiate with the Bianconeri

World Cup, it starts amid chaos

Spain storm: Lopetegui sacked for his agreement with Real Madrid, who had wanted Allegri

Max: ‘Why I said no to Perez’

Toro-Peres ready to sign

Verissimo: another blitz

Agreement with Roma and mission in Brazil

Inter, push for Dembele, but anxiety over UEFA

Agents in the club HQ

Stadio della Roma, nine arrests and risk of stopping the project

Pallotta: ‘Forward!’

TV rights to Sky and Perform, 90’ Minuto is safe

Serie A on TV in the 2018-21 period