Thursday 12 July 2018

“See you Monday”

Juve, the presentation show with CR7.
Ronaldo day fixed, the Allianz like Hollywood.
While Italy waits we go to Italy to discover where Cristiano is
In a €24,000 per night villa, he passes the holidays with Georgina and the family.

Milan change, board meeting today to oust Mr Li

Rocking Croatia

Perisic and Mandzukic, historic goals.
Final on Sunday against France.

De Vrij, words of a leader: “Inter, I signed to win”

The Dutchman doesn’t play down the ambitions.
Eder to Jiangsu, and if Dembélé doesn’t go to China…

De Laurentiis: “Ancelotti Napoli’s centre-forward”

Sarri to Chelsea takes Jorginho.
Meret, broken arm: out for around two months.

The Anti-Cristiano

Ancelotti is already the opposite of the phenomenon: his words fire up Napoli

‘Juve are not the powerhouses and we are not here to comb the hair of dolls. We don’t fear CR7. We set out to win’

Meret fracture, out for two months

Euro Allegri

‘Champions League closer. How will Ronaldo play? By scoring goals’

Italian-style Final

Perisic and Mandzukic knock England down, on Sunday Croatia will take on France with Matuidi, Pogba and Deschamps

We’ll be in Moscow in spirit

Sarri: Jorginho precedes Higuain

De Laurentiis won’t release the Coach, but Chelsea continue their plans anyway

Italo-Brazilian lands in London: €65m

Morata blocks (for now) Pipita

Fans are delirious: CR7, give us the Champions League

‘We want you like that’

Ronaldomania explodes: Juve Stores under siege from those seeking Number 7 jerseys

Allegri: ‘With him the Cup is possible’

Ancelotti launches Napoli: ‘Against Cristiano winning will be even sweeter’

De Vrij: ‘Inter ready for the challenge’

Petrachi guarantee: ‘More buys for Toro’

Director of sport at Bormio, summit with Mazzarri

Milan and Elliott, development in four stages

Fassone remains, Maldini says no

Atalanta, Zapata secured!

Samp fans are furious

Top reinforcement for Gasperini

Perisic-Manduzkic, Bye Bye England

Croatia in the Final against France