Thursday 10 November 2011

Balo derby

I like Milan. I’d go back to Inter if…

Moggi attacks Juve

“I don’t understand the club’s statement. If they say they were not involved, I respond by saying I was their dg”

Ibra: “I needed to come here after Guardiola”

Moggi attacks Juve

Lotito, it’s chaos

Hazard: Inter, I’m coming

Balotelli: “I’d return to Inter”

Bierhoff: “Klose beats everyone”

Here is Nico Lopez: “Roma are a dream”

Ballardini: “Cagliari, I knew I’d find you again”

Tevez to Juventus, let’s bet on it!

Vidal thrown out by Chile: “He drank too much”

Ventura raises the bar: “Getting to Serie A is not enough”

Milan: Berlusconi takes control again

Maxi, OK from Catania

Udinese, Silva is there. Another two signings to stay top

Donadoni for Atletico Madrid

Miha Serbia boss?

Balotelli: “Inter, I’d come back”