Friday 11 November 2011

Allegri: Barca, beware of the new Milan

Balotelli with Pazzini in the absence of Cassano

Destro is a spectacle and the Under-21s win again

Sneijder: “Scudetto? No, not at the minute. If…”

De Laurentiis: “Hamsik stays and I’ll sign Cannavaro”

De Laurentiis: “Juve, I don’t fear you”

11/11/11 – It’s a special day for football too

Balotelli’s Italy attempt to fly

Milan: Maxwell and Reus

The Brazilian in January (Taiwo to go), the German in June

Dede bewitches Juve

Brace from the defender in front of Juve’s 007

He’ll be watched again on Sunday. He could arrive in January

Mamma mia, what a Destro! An Under-21 to applaud

Italy, Euro test with Balotelli

Milan, Drogba re-emerges and threatens Maxi Lopez

Inter, Sneijder poison

From Borriello to Inzaghi, the big players who want a January move