Thursday 20 September 2018

Juve worth 10

Stronger even than the referee.
Down to 10 men since the 29th minute for an absurd red card for CR7, who leaves in tears.
But then Valencia are flattened with two Pjanic penalties.
And Szczesny saves one.

Roma battered by Isco and Bale

In the first game at the Bernabeu, Di Francesco’s side forced to surrender.
Footballing lesson from Real, Olsen limited the damage.
Mariano completes the 3-0.

Champions Leauge, here are the four groups - bombshell: City beaten at home

Serie A: Simeone opens it, Caprari closes it

Icardi is back, now he aims for 110 goals with Inter

After the masterpiece against Tottenham.
San Siro’s Nerazzurri treasure chest: in the first three games they’ve banked €7m.

Higuain the Europa League specialist, Milan expect

Pipita, 10 goals in 23 games, has Dudelange in his sights, let by an Interista.

Lazio 2 - everyone rotated, not Luis Alberto and Acerbi

Even without!

CR7 sent off after half an hour (first time in the Champions League), leaves in tears, but Juve keep their cool

A pair of Pjanic penalties give Allegri success in Valencia

Max attacks referee Brych: ‘Red card to Cristiano was wrong, we need VAR’

Trevisani and Adani screaming in their TV commentary during Inter-Spurs becomes controversial

Roma, the tax has been paid

DiFra falls at the Bernabeu under shots from Isco, Bale and Mariano

Real too strong, Olsen the best (3-0)

Qualification will be earned against Viktoria and CSKA

Here is Milan and Lazio’s Europe

Gattuso in Luxembourg against Dudelange, there’s Reina in goal

Apollon Limassol for Inzaghi

CONI bring Entella back into Serie B, though they have already played in Serie C!

Simeone goal kids the Viola

In the rescheduled game, Fiorentina ahead with Cholo, then Samp catch them through Caprari


Scandalous Ronaldo red card

Immense Juve in Valencia (2-0) despite the shameful refereeing of German Brych

The Bianconeri down to 10 men for over an hour dominate and win with two Pjanic penalties

In stoppages Szczesny saves a penalty awarded for non-existent Rugani foul

Man United without problems against Young Boys: 3-0


Too much Real for Roma

Olsen avoids an even heavier defeat

Shock: Man City crumble at home with Lyon

Aina talks up Toro: ‘Inspired by Marcelo’

‘Here there is history and an excellent Coach’

Milan in Luxembourg, here are Reina and Caldara

Europa League: There’s Lazio-Apollon

Euphoria Inter: and now Icardi awaits Lautaro

After the 2-1 over Tottenham

Samp-Fiorentina, the draw is spectacular

Caprari replies to Simeone: 1-1