Thursday 18 October 2018

“Win right away”

Higuain fires-up Milan.
“San Siro will be almost all for them? Good, that’s motivation”.
“An honour to be coached by Gattuso.”
“In the league we’re missing something, but in the Europa League and Coppa Italia we can do it”.

The five moves of Spalletti

Asamoah on Suso, the speed of Perisic, the tasks of De Vrij and…

Ronaldo diary

Goals, pains, tears and the case in the USA - the first 100 days at Juventus.
Allegri’s calm, Dybala’s knee isn’t bad.

Carnevale: “Napoli super, but Udinese must be saluted”

Conte, call from Real

Lopetegui has lost the faith of the locker room and Florentino contacts Antonio

The phone call from Madrid on Monday

The ex-Chelsea boss, who over the summer said he wasn’t available, is now ready and can resolve the Abramovich issue quickly

Ospina: Starter, not a nanny

Meret has healed and pushes to find his place, but the Colombian goalkeeper warns Ancelotti: ‘I am here to play. Garella? I have another style’

Luigi De Laurentiis fires up Bari: ‘I dream of a clash with Napoli’

Interview with the new President: ‘I am experiencing a film: Rocky’

Sangaré, a giant for Gattuso

Milan think about the Toulouse and Ivory Coast international midfielder

He is 20 years old, 1.91m tall and hits hard: they consider him the heir to Touré

Milito: ‘Derby to Inter, Lautaro decisive’

Diego’s legend, the lessons from Bielsa, Sneijder passes and that time that Mou said…

Il Principe reveals all in interview with Walter Veltroni

Allegri takes it all, he prepares for the feast

A fifth Scudetto, fifth Coppa Italia, Champions League

Max has a clear objective: Treble with Juve

Football is the third biggest industry, revenue for €4.5m

Shock Neymar: he wants Barcelona back

‘Max is better’

On Tuesday Mou-Allegri: our survey of 23 Coaches from all over the world

The Juve tactician wins the battle, awaiting their Champions League match in Manchester

‘He’s good at dealing with the group and varying tactical systems’

It’s a duel on the market too: not just Pogba in the balance

Free Entella

The Liguria club, still suspended between Serie B and C: ‘It’s all so absurd’

The first thing Gravina must do

Meité: ‘Inter or Milan? I’m not interested’

French midfielder: ‘Toro, I owe you everything’

‘Gigio, what progress. Handanovic quality’

Marchegiani plays the derby

Flachi: ‘I got it wrong and I paid, now forgive me’