Sunday 20 November 2011

Coutinhooo! Inter baby boom

Ranieri’s men rediscover victory against Cagliari

Refs have a terrible day: Nerazzurri goal offside, valid ones denied to Milan and Napoli. Not to mention penalties...

Milan, how infuriating

Allegri: ‘Two dubious incidents, it’s best not to see them again’

Marchetti gives Lazio the top spot with his saves in Naples

Conte grit: ‘With Palermo it’s like a Final’

Guidolin: ‘Udinese like being at the top’

Toro held by Crotone, Zeman wins and goes to -3

Milan Napoli Lazio: 0 goals

Fiorentina halt the Rossoneri, a draw at the San Paolo, but so much controversy...

A chance for Juve!

Palermo give Conte the opportunity to go top with a game in hand

Here’s Inter, but Cagliari are furious

Ballardini: ‘It’s always like this at San Siro’

Roma: Totti returns, Burdisso chaos

Argument between club and Argentina over the defender’s injury

Conte shouts: ‘Juve, no excuses’

Inter have help, then scrape a win

Milan are purple with rage

Napoli stop, so Lazio top!

City and Barça send goals and messages

Toro, another draw to go +3: ‘Let’s revive that spark’