Friday 9 November 2018

Milan OK, but so many KOs

Suso comeback against Betis [1-1].
Gattuso stays on the right track in the Europa League, but there’s an emergency against Juve.
Musacchio laid out and then Kessié feels bad, Calha hobbles out.
And Biglia is out for four months.
Transfer marke: Pato’s name comes up.

Early game this evening, Fiorentina test at Frosinone

Prophet or provocateur?

Mourinho is always discussed.
The hand to the ear at Allianz Stadium sends social media crazy, and splits the English too.

Juve too nice: a lot of shots but not much aim, they need more cynicism

Phenomenon Handanovic the best in Europe

National team: competition between Pavoletti and Belotti

Parity and Pato

Europa League: Milan earn a golden point in Seville and seek reinforcements

Rossoneri go behind against Betis, then Suso makes it 1-1

Scare for Musacchio: he was unconscious

Biglia out for four months

Leonardo Negotiates with the Brazilian

Lazio party with the magician Correa

Inzaghi qualified: Marseille KO (2-1)

Parolo breaks through, then the Argentine’s pearl

Mou divides us

The Special One strikes again: his gesture reopens the debate on haters and ‘victims’

In Italy and England we ask ourselves: is it right for a professional to react so blatantly to insults from the opposition fans?

From Mazzone at Brescia to CR7 at Camp Nou, from Sarri’s middle finger to Ancelotti’s style, to Bonucci’s ‘wash your mouths out’, the stories of hitting a nerve

Cholo exam, Pioli believes in him

Frosinone-Fiorentina opens the Serie A round

The Coach: ‘Simeone is super’

Boca-River, what a final!

Tomorrow the first leg of the Libertadores showdown

Gallardo banned from entering

Ronaldo shakes up Juve

A Ballon d’Or worthy goal and then the disappointment for an incredible defeat

The grit of CR7 contaminates the team for their fightback against Milan

Suso magic: 1-1 with Betis

Musacchio, Milan anxiety

Europa League: Lazio break Marseille (2-1) and are qualified for the Round of 32

Belotti turning point

The dinner, the speech, the pact

Behind the scenes: this is how Il Gallo fired up his teammates and himself ahead of Samp

Toro now have strong unity

Global Inter

Zhang, big projects

President at the Shanghai Expo: ‘This club is more than a football team. China, youngsters and the global market: our plan’

Capotondi: ‘I’ll win you over’

The actress, new Vice-President of Serie C: ‘Ideas and hard work against scepticism. There is the desire to change. I’m like a full-back who scores goals’