Wednesday 23 November 2011

Extraordinary Napoli

Monstrous Cavani: Balo and Mancio beaten. San Paolo in delirium

Ibra against everyone and Milan believe

Inter draw and move forward as group winners

Beckham: “Leo wants me, but I’d return to Italy”

Pastore: “Serie A is the best, it’s easy here”

Immense Napoli!

Inter first

Tonight Milan-Barcelona

Allegri to Ibra: “Don’t get agitated”

Conte: Well done Juve, your heads are in the right place

Capello at Trigoria, handshake with Luis Enrique. Rocca also there

Crazy for Napoli

“Well done Conte, you deserve three new players”

A night of valium for Ibra

Toro attack, Jeda idea is back