Thursday 13 December 2018

Juve firstborn, but what a defeat in Switzerland!

Champions League, they end at the top of the group.
Ronaldo stopped by the post, Young Boys win 2-1.
The second KO of the season doesn’t hurt thanks to Mourinho’s stumble.

Roma flop, for DiFra Genoa is decisive

Marotta revolution

Inter, Spalletti under accusation, Conte or Simeone in the future?
All the responsibilities of the Coach.
Transfer market: more Italians.

Higuain and Cutrone hunt goals and qualification

With Olympiakos, Milan can reach the Last 32 even with a loss.
At 18.55 Lazio challenge Eintracht.

Junior’s charge: “Toro, believe that Ronaldo isn’t unbeatable”

Conte’s man

Inter, today the Marotta era begins and straight away there’s the Antonio dream.
Spalletti in the viewfinder of fans and critics after the exit from the Champions League.
Automatically the candidature of the Coach who, with the CEO, relaunched Juve.

Black Champions League

Disastrous round for our teams, Roma and Juve KO’d too.
Allegri falls in Bern but finishes in first place.
DiFra’s defeat in Plzen completes the Italian flop - one point in four matches.

Gattuso: “It’ll take a perfect Milan”

In Athens qualification is certain with a draw or a measured defeat.

Inzaghi wants a real Lazio

Against Eintracht the Coach tries to avoid the bad impression given in Cyprus.

Bucci, the manic planning for Serie A

The Coach is a real perfectionist: data, studies and tables for a league to be won right away.
“I’ve never seen a club with this much determination”.

Bari boss Serie D, they’re winter champions

Juve first with holes

Dybala isn’t enough in Bern (a goal and one ruled out), two defensive lapses gift the victory to Young Boys (2-1).
But it’s a defeat which doesn’t hurt - the Bianconeri finish top of the group.
Roma KO’d in Plzen.

“Torino is more Granata, this is how the derby is won”

Interview with Maxi Lopez: memories and future.

Higuain, now carry Milan with your goals

Europa League: Rossoneri in Greece.

Spalletti playing to be confirmed, attention to these three

The shadow of Conte, Mou and Someone hangs over the Inter Coach.
Today the board meeting, then the announcement of Marotta.

Napoli to the rescue, Ancelotti: “restart”

Atalanta-Lazio shivers, Papu said no to Lazio