Wednesday 30 November 2011



Iron Juve: They fight back at Napoli to extend their lead in table

Berlusconi: “I’ll soon be President again”

Moratti at the table: “But no gifts”

Tommasi: “Better not to come out in football”

“You’re not Maradona” then Osvaldo tussle. Peace yesterday in a pizzeria

Udinese chase qualification in front of Platini

A Juve of lions!

Fantastic 3-3, Napoli denied at the San Paolo

Moratti: I say yes to the table of peace, but there will be no talk of the Scudetto!

“Osvaldo, you’re not Maradona”

That’s how Lamela lit up the argument

Four punished in Florence, squad in retreat

Inzaghi has decided: Milan, it will be goodbye

Infinite Juve!

Napoli twice two up, then the Bianconeri show

The 3-3 is worth a win: Conte’s side is two points above the second placed teams

“Toro, in A with Ogbonna”

Berlusconi: “I’ll return to be President of my Milan”

Pozzo: “Udinese, enough selling, now I want to win”

Fantastic Novara expel Catania and gift themselves Milan