Sunday 24 February 2019

Inter, what is your response to the Diavolo?

In Florence, with Milan a point behind…

The new Lautaro, Perisic and Ninja in good form against Fiorentina

Spalletti asks for confirmation: ‘Icardi? I hope he returns soon’

Rossoneri euphoria: 60,000 for Sassuolo

Getting closer to the derby on March 17, which could have a record gate

Piatek is second only behind Messi (who scored a hat-trick yesterday) in Europe’s top marksmen

Euroturbo Toro

Atalanta beaten and caught

Cairo: ‘We played well’

Izzo and Falque decide the clash: Mazzarri’s men are in the thick of the Euro zone

Granata, who have not conceded in five games, climb to sixth place

Roma pride with Frosinone

Dzeko leader: 3-2 on the line

A goal down, DFra’s men fight back, stall, but then win right at the death

Goodbye Marella, the Bianconeri princess

Gianni Agnelli’s widow has died, aged 91

Style icon, she lived her life surrounded by art, design and gardening

Del Piero shares his memories

Allegri in Bologna resumes thinking about how to get back at Atletico

‘We can do it’

CR7 plays to be in top shape come March 12

Napoli in Parma, Ancelotti goes home

Allegri the surgeon

He criticises Cholo Simeone, Bonucci and Douglas Costa

Open heart analysis of Juve problems

Bianconeri in Bologna, but still thinking about Atletico

The Coach lets loose: ‘We need more fairness on the pitch, we can go through, but need a different spirit. Pjanic is half-dead’

And Mihajlovic is ready to take him on head-first: ‘Juve? I’m only afraid of one person and that is my wife’

Inter, Icardi problem: out until March 7

Spalletti, trap in Florence

Roma, Dzeko ready for the Derby

Striker decisive at Frosinone: first he equalises for 1-1, then gives the Giallorossi victory at the last second (3-2)

And on Saturday evening there’s Lazio

Messi hat-trick

Sarri at the crossroads

Leo drags Barca forward: 4-2 over Sevilla

The ex-Napoli Coach gambles his job against Pep in the League Cup Final

Fans relish a real Toro

Granata, now sixth with La Dea and Lazio, with a turning point for Europe

Iron defence, courage and maximum efficiency, Atalanta beaten with Izzo and Iago goals

‘I’ll show you’

Allegri lets loose, fires up Juve for the Bologna match and lays down the gauntlet for the Champions League with Atletico

‘We look forward to that game with enthusiasm and adrenaline’

De Laurentiis, here are the Juve and Napoli balance sheets

Fiorentina-Inter, what a night

Chiesa-Perisic showdown in Florence, then on the market

Del Piero: ‘Now Marella walks with L’Avvocato’

Goodbye to Gianni Agnelli’s wife