Friday 22 March 2019

Serie A: deep red


High debt, so many capital gaints!

Maurito's day


Handshake with Spalletti

Lazio in sight

The Argentine returned to training 36 days later

The meeting the with Coach and teammates in the dressing room

From Everton to Oya

Leonardo looks for the new Paqueta

Stadio della Roma

Councillor Frongia investigated

Premier League, KO for pirates

Now Italy also makes its move

Fine for CR7

And tonight he returns for Portugal

CR7, the fine will cost him two hours

Punished by UEFA: €20,000 for the gesture during Juve-Atletico

In one day, he earns €260,000

Dzeko, it was a real brawl in Ferrara

Roma, clash during half-time between the Bosnian and El Shaarawy

Ranieri only took off the Pharaoh, who was offended

Fiorentina see Di Francesco: studying a three-year contract

Icardi resumes

Zhang senior arrives too: Maurito’s future and the transfer market plans in a Nerazzurri summit

The striker at the Pinetina training camp, but he doesn’t play the game between ranks: has to rediscover his form

Chiesa KO and sent home

Mancio warms up Kean

Nazionale: Viola star hurt, CT considering the Juventino

Under-21s disappoint, they can’t seem to win anymore

Only a 0-0 with Austria, the Azzurrini firing blanks since October

Di Biagio: ‘We have to do better’

Nobody can stop him

Ronaldo scores against UEFA too: only a fine

Joao Couto, one of his mentors: ‘The best of all time’

Rui Costa: ‘He is happy at Juve’

Tonight he’s back on the pitch with Portugal

Coach Santos: ‘He makes us feel stronger’

Women’s football: 30,000 for Juve-Viola!

No step back: Inter ire

Icardi returns, but what a cold atmosphere!

Possible swap in attack

Sassuolo on Zaza, Toro Cutrone

The Serbian in case of qualification

Milan Champions with Milinkovic