Thursday 18 April 2019


Izzo: “Dear Genoa, I’m sorry but I have to beat you”

Bye bye Italy

Arsenal sink Ancelotti

Not even Napoli in the Europa

Tomorrow there’s Roma at San Siro

Inter triple assault

1. Champions League

A win to consolidate third place and leave their rivals without prize money

2. Pellegrini

Away from the top four, Pallotta would have to sell

Lorenzo costs €30m: possibility of Radu plus cash

3. Dzeko

Eyes on the market also for the Bosnian post-Icardi

The Giallorossi follow Benedetto (Boca)

Where will La Joya end up?

Dybala, a rather horrible year

But Paulo wants to start over with Juve

In Milan’s future, Biglia could be gone

From bankruptcy to Serie C

The Bari fairy tale starts again

Poor us

Napoli eliminated too, Italy out of Europe

Arsenal win at the San Paolo (0-1), a Lacazette free kick is decisive

Insigne substituted and walks off amid jeers

Ancelotti: ‘The results will come’

The fall of the revenue giants

Juve, City, Real, PSG and Bayern out of the Champions League: it doesn’t add up

Salah plays for women’s rights

Interviewed by Time, he urges Muslims to have more respect for women

Dybala for Icardi (but Paul won’t do it)

Juve and Inter resume negotiations and work on the exchange

The Bianconeri star digs his heels in: he wants to remain or go abroad

Bari, this is how you rise again

In less than a year, DeLa Junior secures Serie C by winning in Troina

Dybala-Icardi, a deal for two

Paratici and Marotta evaluate the remarkable swap: Pros and cons

From Emre Can defender to the new buys: Here is Allegri’s project

The dossier: Bianconeri top among the Champions League big clubs in terms of injuries

Heart is not enough

Napoli KO with heads held high

Europa League: 1-0 Arsenal at the San Paolo, semi-finals of both tournaments without Italians

Ramsey, muscular problem

Toro protest? Here are Doveri and Mazzoleni

Alarming precedents for the Granata

Genoa fans on strike in protest against Preziosi: ‘We won’t enter Marassi’

Inter, Oriali returns to support Conte

Zhang wants the Azzurri team manager

Atalanta, their revenue hits new records too

Deal renewed with Radici Group