Wednesday 14 December 2011

Inter go and take a bow

Nagatomo scores and leads Inter to 1-0 win over Genoa

Juve, queen of Europe

PSG press for Tevez, another no: “Only Milan”

Table of peace, Moratti and Agnelli face to face

Mazzarri wants reinforcements, assault for Vargas begins

Coppa Italia, Siena in last eight

Europa League: Come on Lazio!

Padova-Torino for just 14 mins

Brescia go for Calori

Inter, what a jump!

Rearranged game, victory in Genoa

Juve, European record

Palermo fall at home again: Out of Coppa

Lazio with Rocchi take decisive assault

Padova-Torino, never before such a short game

The day of the table: Will there be peace?

Roma, Luis Enrique surprises again

War or peace

Today Agnelli-Moratti face to face in front of Petrucci

Conte’s Juve break all the records: Queen of Europe

Nagatomo, Inter jewel

Milan go for Juan Jesus too

Coppa marathon, Siena smile

Lazio, win and hope in Zurich

Borriello, there is Napoli

Kaka idea for Tottenham

Ventura: “Who is hungry plays”