Thursday 23 May 2019

The market sets off

Juve Inter away!


OK from the Brazilian to the Bianconeri

Coach: Paratici blitz in London

Sarri in pole, eyes on Pochettino


Possible swap: the Belgian striker in Nerazzurro and Perisic to United (plus €30m)

Milan, from Bamba to Soumare: here's the Lille turning point

Everything Zeman

"Italian football needs more courage"

Iker and Sarri, beautiful and without peace

Correa: "First Coppa a dream. And Veron also called me"

Renewal? No, thank you

Moretti ends it here

He'll become a Toro director

Sarri Brexit

He warns Chelsea and opens the door to Juve

‘Interest from Italian clubs is pleasing. After the final in Baku, I’ll see the directors and work out if they are happy with me. I don’t want to talk about the future now: I am focused only on winning the Europa League’

Giampaolo exclusive: ‘Maurizio will revolutionise Juve’s football’

Maldini dumps Gattuso

Tension increasingly high at Milan

Technical director doesn’t see a future with Ringhio: ‘I have to evaluate in a cold way’

Sinisa, the whole truth

‘Saving Bologna was an almost impossible feat, but I love a risk. I had a 10-year debt with these fans’

Juve turning point

The post-Allegri scenario becomes clear: Inzaghi, objective of Milan to replace Gattuso, is Plan B

Sarri is in pole position, awaiting the Europa League Final, and his rapport with Chelsea is frosty: ‘If they judge me for one game, I can just leave now’

Gallo, give the armband to Moretti

Touching farewell for the defender, who will remain in the club: ‘I leave Toro worthy of Europe’

Fans appeal for him to be captain against Lazio

Atalanta at the top

Dea, a Champions League style sponsor

Maxi deal until 2024