Monday 27 May 2019

They reach the Champions League after a crazy game. Milan out


And Atalanta make history

San Siro shakes: Keita, Nainggolan and super Handanovic (given a nine) decisive. A great Empoli lose and go into Serie B

Party of the Bergamascans: they come back against Sassuolo, they are third and will play in the elite tournament for the first time

Gattuso wins but is fifth: Europa League

Today Leonardo leaves, returns to PSG?

Icardi disaster: he exits to whistles

Spalletti provokes Zhang

The hero De Rossi

Tears in Rome

Juve: a bitter finale

Toro, closure in style

Conte in the Champions League

Spalletti gifts Antonio Europe’s most noble stage

Inter beat Empoli (who drop into B) after a ‘crazy’ game (2-1)

Keita, Nainggolan and Handanovic miracles are decisive

Icardi misses a penalty

Luciano says goodbye: ‘Now I’ll relish everything’

Atalanta third, Milan in the Europa League

Florence discovers America

The Viola remain in Serie A with Genoa thanks to a draw: and now the Della Valle brothers will sell the club to Commisso

Corvino out, Antognoni remains

A chorus of love and DDR bows down

De Rossi’s final game, such strong emotions

The fans call him to the Curva and Daniele bends down to kiss the Stadio Olimpico ground

Embrace with Totti and Conti’s tears

Roma close the season beating Parma (2-1)

‘Palermo does not deserve this’: Powerful letter from Mrs Zamparini to Gravina

Historic: La Dea in the Champions League

Atalanta overturn Sassuolo (3-1) and finish in third place: never so high

Inter suffer with a great Empoli (2-1), but achieve their objective and send the Tuscans to Serie B

Milan 3-2 at SPAL is not enough: it’s the Europa League, awaiting the UEFA sentence for Financial Fair Play violations

Tension and 0-0

Fiorentina-Genoa, a draw for safety

‘Aina and three big buys’

Toro conclude in the best way: 3-1 against Lazio and moving farewell to Moretti

Cairo announces the wing-back will be purchased outright and says yes to Mazzarri on reinforcements

Juve and Sarri, what a Final!

On Wednesday the clash with Arsenal for the Europa League, then summit between Coach and Chelsea

The Allegri era concludes with a 2-0 defeat at Marassi and now the decisive week for the new boss begins