Thursday 20 June 2019

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The Coach is linked to the Rossoneri for the next two years and is already at work

Giampaolo, what Schick!

He plans his new Milan with an intriguing idea

The pupil, launched by Samp, would give quality in attack

He costs a lot, but Cutrone could be included...

Mini-Italia now at risk

A bad evening for the Under-21s at the Euros, which was also unlucky (Pellegrini hitting the post)

Now they need to beat Belgium and cheer on Spain

Azzurre phenomenon

Sarri arrives and starts over right away

He will talk to CR7 about his Juve

The Zhang era a permanent revolution

Now the stadium

Let’s keep believing

Under-21 beaten by Poland: 0-1

Barella and Meret errors open the door to the Poles

Orsolini goal disallowed, Pellegrini hits the woodwork

Now all we can do is beat Belgium, although even that might not be enough

And the girls equal Mancini

Viewing figures boom, Azzurri caught

Live on TV, the new Juve is born

Sarri goes to CR7

The Coach presents himself in the Bianconeri colours, then at the weekend his first mission: he’ll go to Greece to meet Ronaldo

Milan, Giampaolo and no Cup competition

Toro and Roma can celebrate

Official appointment of the new Coach, while they await UEFA’s announcement of exclusion, which gives the Granata Europe and ensures Fonseca avoids the preliminary rounds

Luis Enrique, the most difficult match is in his life

Sarri, there’s Rabiot!

The new Juve Coach has arrived in Turin and today the presentation in the Gianni and Umberto Agnelli Hall of the Stadium

The first gift is the French midfielder: five-year deal agreed, he just needs to sign

European Under-21 side in shock

Lift your heads, lads! It’s not over

Bitter KO with Poland (0-1), for the semi-finals and pass to the Olympics we need to beat Belgium and hope for the rest

Azzurre, what a boom!

There were 7.5m in front of the TV, even Mancini’s Italy beaten in the ratings

Toro: ‘Europe will make you great’

Interview with Lentini: ‘Belotti will step up, Verdi would be a great buy’

UEFA sentence: the next few hours are decisive

Giampaolo: ‘Welcome to Milan’

Official: A two-year contract with option for a third