Wednesday 26 June 2019

Women's World Cup

China beaten 2-0, we're in the quarter-finals


The Azzurre delight again and are among the world's best eight teams

On Saturday (14:00 BST) we play Netherlands for passage to an historic semi-final

Sala gives no concessions to Inter and Milan

"San Siro will remain until 2026"

Buffon returns home

Chiesa, ultimatum to Viola: I leave now or go on a free transfer

The goalkeeper re-embraces Juve

He will play on for another year and could then become a director

Surprise, sponsors step in

Pogboom Juve

Multinational corporation that has Paul as a testimonial is asked to intervene: negotiations take off

Shock, Buffon returns too

Incredible, but true

Women’s World Cup, the Italians fly into the quarter-finals by beating China 2-0, on Saturday they face Holland

Chinese gold for the Pharaoh, escape from Roma

Inter, believe: ‘Lukaku is not impossible’

Palermo excluded from Serie B: ‘Victims of fraud’

Malagò: Rome rejection still hurts

Juve-De Ligt, deal!

Agreement reached on salary, now Raiola’s mission is to present the Bianconeri’s offer to Ajax: optimism grows for the closure of the transfer this week

Buffon can return


Women’s World Cup, Italy to face Holland in the quarter-finals

Malagò: ‘Now I do the talking’

EuroToro: The plan

Early pre-season training and lawyers in action

Awaiting the UEFA sentence

Inter: the turning point

Aubameyang-United unblocks Lukaku

Revolution for Conte

Dear Di Biagio, it really was a failure

Venezia want to be back in Serie B

Palermo on the edge

Irregular documentation, there’s the spectre of Serie D