Friday 23 December 2011

Scudetto gifts

Tevez and Borriello, Milan and Juve a step away

Carlo in the court of Leo

Ancelotti is ready to say yes to PSG

Gervasoni talks and reveals

Doni asks about his daughter

Sneijder and Moratti, Ranieri’s jokers

Genoa go for Marino. It’s the 10th change in A: Record

Inter to make three swoops

Juan, Gomez and Marin the objectives

Calciopoli shock!

Juve accelerate for Borriello

Milan, here is Keita. He frees himself from Barca

Genoa from Malesani to Marino. Ancelotti to Paris

Mazzarri studies a new Napoli with Vargas

Lazio anxious, Cisse has decided that he wants to leave

Juve, Caceres with Borriello

Milan-Tevez, final sprint

Conte-Allegri, all the secrets of the Scudetto duel

Malesani falls, Marino to Genoa

PSG revolution, it’s time for Ancelotti

Toro: The Ljajic path

Casemiro offers himself to Inter

Cagliari try for Inzaghi

Novara: Donati and Caracciolo

Fiorentina go for Pinilla