Tuesday 27 December 2011

Prandelli, Golden Pirlo and I’ll call Di Natale

Inter, Spalletti in June if Ranieri leaves

Tomorrow Ancelotti arrives in Paris, he could find Kaka as a gift

Borriello-Juve, Marotta does deal with Roma

Milan won’t give up: “We’ll wait for Tevez”

Great numbers from Ibra

Super start in Serie A and Champions

Pato interview: “There is no dialogue with Allegri”

“Ancelotti explained what he wanted from me, he should do the same”

Borriello-Juve for six months

Inter, Ranieri offloads Zarate

City stopped in Premier, caught up by Rooney

Sergio Buso has left us, our football encyclopaedia

Cisse won’t give up: “I love Lazio, I want to stay”

Napoli: Vargas is ready to leave. He’ll arrive at New Year

“Borriello to Juve”

Preziosi says so as he orders Amauri. All that is missing is the Brazilian’s yes

Toro: Obi is the dream

Chelsea shock: Cavani and Hamsik

Juventino of 2011: Marchisio wins easily

Now Mancini pushes Tevez towards Milan

Novara chase Pinilla and try for Jensen

Genoa re-launch: Amorim swoop

Inter, Ranieri crushes Zarate

Juan: “I’m arriving”