Thursday 29 December 2011

Juve with extra praise

Conte’s side is top of the table and has the best vote along with Udinese. Lazio and Milan right behind. Inter and Fiorentina deferred

Ancelotti in Paris: Today he signs

He wants a PSG modelled on Milan

Face to face Pato-Allegri: Have they cleared things up?

Santoni and the three Azzurri: “I just named names”

Doni, prison on snow. He sees just the police

Today the yes for Gila-Genoa

But Fiorentina go for Biondini

Juve double assault

Borriello immediately then Higuain in July

Marotta prepares the squad for the Champions League

Investigators exonerate the three Azzurri

Inter, Viviano ready to take on Julio Cesar

Roma, listen to Lamela: “Now we can fly”

Careca warms up Napoli: “Vargas as good as Neymar”

Ancelotti signs and pushes for Pato

Kuzmanovic: Lazio offer Cisse

Gilardino, goodbye Florence: He goes to Genoa

Del Piero in Dubai with Ronaldo

“My future? I’m thinking of Juve”

Del Piero

“Only Juventus in my future”

Kuzmanovic in midfield

“El Shaarawy to Toro: It can happen”

Betting: Santoni clears the Azzurri

Genoa-Gila, contract for four years

Farfan: Inter, I’m ready to sign

Leo-Pato, the first contact

Ancelotti now just details for PSG

Palermo decide to go for Rios