Saturday 17 August 2019

Inter wonder

Closure near for Sanchez!

Napoli: money and Milik for Icardi

Mancini deals the cards

"Sensi and Barella are real pillars for Conte. And Lukaku..."

"Ancelotti remains in front of Inter: Napoli are tried-and-tested"

"Giampaolo's Milan can be the surprise packages"

"Bernardeschi has the quality to become one of Europe's best"

Another Dybala show: Juve, and now?

Milan disappoint, 0-0 with Cesena

Giampaolo: "So much work to do"

Balo to Brescia: the party starts

He'll sign for a year, with survival triggering a renewal

Icardi ready to close

Napoli the most logical solution, Juve still blocked

It’s now a two-horse race for Maurito: De Laurentiis prepares a relaunch at €60m

Agnelli attempts the Dybala swap again, while Marotta waits, reflects and meanwhile books Sanchez

FantaJoya goal for Sarri

Dzeko celebrates

Juve win in Trieste (1-0) with a chip from Dybala, who misses a penalty

Roma win in Arezzo (3-1), Milan fire blanks

Coppa Italia

Bologna for Sinisa

Viola packed house

The first big clubs take to the field: Rossoblu in Pisa with Mihajlovic in their hearts

Viola have 20,000 fans for the debut against Berlusconi’s Monza

City, what a Pep-Aguero row!

Spectacular 2-2 with Spurs, then they make up on the touchline

Real, everything on Neymar

Zidane wins in Vigo (Modric red card) and launches the final push for the Brazilian

Balo tries again

Agreement with Cellino’s Brescia, one-year contract worth €1.5m plus bonuses

SuperMario returns to his city and wants the Nazionale back

‘This is my shirt!’

Dybala, show for Juve

With a splendid lob, La Joya seals victory in their final pre-season friendly in Trieste, misses a penalty, but his performance is sparkling

CR7 out, Higuain and Mandzukic off the bench, Ramsey OK debut


Over 13,000 tickets sold in 48 hours!

Brescia/Cellino superstitious


Never on the 17th: announcement is today

Inter/Sanchez option


Napoli to Icardi: ‘Now decide’

No goals in Cesena

SOS Milan

This Piatek doesn’t score anymore