Sunday 18 August 2019

Inter, Sanchez with Lukaku

Fantasy couple

Another deal with United: the Chilean can arrive on loan, the English will pay half of his salary

He reserves the No 7 shirt

Icardi: ultimatum from Napoli, there's also an offer from Monaco

Serie A, where do we stand

Still so much Juve

Conte must fine-tune

Milan ouch: lagging behind

Dybala studies to be a No 9

He scores but remains a doubt

Lady, are you sure a divorce is right?

Balo, discount for brains

Brescia go out to Perugia

Verona eliminated by Cremonese

Viola OK against Monza

Bologna score three

Icardi ultimatum

Ancelotti is in a rush, De Laurentiis warns Maurito (and Juve)

Napoli have set a limit to their waiting game: they want to know by Saturday if the hitman will say yes or they need to find another

Paratici stalls for time: he doesn’t want to give his rivals advantages

Conte awaits Sanchez (on loan), then Llorente too

Roma, three buys for Dzeko: two defenders and a striker


What a Vlahovic, Chiesa is ready

Serbian comes on and overturns the result after Monza go 1-0 up

Federico back on target

Prade: Ribery? We want him with us


Immediately a celebration, even down to 10

Chievo beaten (2-1) with goals from Joao Pedro and Rog, Rafael sent off, Aresti steps in

Samp, trio of goals in Crotone

OK Bologna and Lecce

Udinese, SPAL and Sassuolo also go through to the next round, Brescia and Verona out

Without Sarri, Chelsea don’t get into gear

A 1-1 draw with Leicester and it could’ve been worse

Tonight United take on Wolves and Cutrone

Juve, who will this shirt go to?

A mystery still unresolved with five days to go

Gonzalo increasingly likely to remain, Paratici negotiates with Bayern for Mandzukic, Sarri back on the bench

On Saturday against Parma there will certainly be CR7, Douglas Costa and Khedira

Rugani heads towards Roma

Sanchez yes, Dybala no

Inter take the Chilean: that is how the Icardi swap sails away

Having lost Dzeko, Marotta closes the deal with United for the ex-Udinese man

Napoli press for Maurito: there is also a Milik option in exchange, but the Argentine wants Juve

Torino prepare for Wolverhampton

Giovanni Galli: ‘Mazzarri the extra man for Toro’

Cellino euphoric: What a coup!

Balotelli: ‘Finally I can play for my Brescia’

Coppa Italia: Corini KO

Bologna, what a treble past Pisa!

‘It’s for Mihajlovic’