Thursday 5 January 2012

Surprise market swoop

Inter-Juve: Quagliarella

Pato goal and hugs: “I know nothing about Paris”

Tevez already has a house in Milan

Osvaldo crack, out for two months. Roma go for Nilmar

Ronaldo in hospital: “I’m already better, but I need rest”

United KO (0-3), City now +3, Barca go: 4-0

Pato, what intrigue!

He decides Milan-PSG (1-0). Allegri: “He’ll stay with us.” Pastore: “We await him.”

Osvaldo out for two months, now Roma have to buy

Lazio take Alfaro

Tevez in a rush to play: Inter blitz today

Fiorentina, Floro Flores the heir to Gilardino

Acquafresca prepares for third adventure at Cagliari

Mehmeti warms up Palermo: “I’m ready to play”

Vargas, words of love for Napoli: “I’m fired up”

Vidal: “Juve need Pizarro”

Toro: Barreto KO, Pozzi pops up

Pato impresses Ancelotti and waits for PSG to make a move

Toni to Siena for half of Destro

Inter, Lucas is hot

Viviano, go Palermo

Alfaro, swoop for two: Genoa-Lazio alliance

Preziosi: We’re after Lodi

Kozak towards Cesena

Bologna: Mantovani plus Sorensen

Udinese, Armero problems

Bosman case at Lecco

Osvaldo crack, what problems for Roma