Friday 6 January 2012

Tevez at the table

Galliani dines with the Argentine in Rio and has a yes

Then he makes an ‘original’ offer to the English

But Inter try the overtake and offer more to City

United think about Wes again

Leo on Maicon

De Rossi, Roma’s true rival is Mancini

Vazquez to Palermo, he made River cry

Zaccheroni: “Conte can beat Ibra. Watch out for Udinese”

Juve find Del Piero-goal again

Inter have hand on Tevez!

Here is Vargas: Napoli, I love you

Del Piero starts the year with two goals

Casemiro, Lazio now emerge. What a derby with Roma

Fiorentina under fire: Clash between players and fans

B starts again: Zeman at Nocera

There is Gubbio-Bari

Pizarro to Juve, now we are there

Seven goals in Arabia

Seven days for Caceres

Ventura wants to breakaway: “Let’s take off like a rocket”

Milan press for Tevez

Del Piero double

Fiorentina chaos, fans furious

Gilardino: “Light back on”

Catania: Brazilian Ilsinho on his way

Cesena after new boys: Alvarez

PSG want Maicon, United chase Sneijder