Saturday 7 January 2012

Tevez risk

Negotiations for the Argentine is increasingly an international intrigue

Milan offer loan and option to buy for €24m, tied to Pato and Robinho sale

Inter raise bid to loan with mandatory buy-out clause of €25m

PSG propose €35m for an immediate signing

Ranieri, an eye on Parma and five towards the derby...

Allegri-Conte, the former wins in a head-to-head

Moratti: Tevez, yes!

Inter infuriate Milan

Ranieri seeks fifth straight win against Parma tonight

Juve-Roma, negotiations are on

Bianconeri on Pizarro, Giallorossi can have Quagliarella and Motta

Conte is close to the 62-year record of unbeaten runs

Pallotta meets De Rossi: ‘Sign’

Juve go to goal school

Specific training to finish off moves better

Confirmation from Sevilla: ‘Yes, we’re selling Caceres’

Toro and Cairo, wake up!

Inter, comeback mission

Derby and not just for Tevez

City step up for De Rossi