Tuesday 17 September 2019

Toro seated

They give in to Lecce, Inter lone leaders

Belotti, penalty denied in the 95th: controversy

Del Piero switches on the Champions League

To Italy!

"Juve, with more bravery and Ronaldo, the cup will arrive"

"Inter and Napoli both convince me and Atalanta also have a chance"


Conte assault on Slavia: Lukaku-Lautaro

Father Zhang dines with Moratti


With Liverpool's champions, Ancelotti's never-ending clash

Insigne tries again

Juve and Atalanta

Joao Felix-De Ligt, the class of 1999

Percassi: "Bergamo at school"

Handcuffs on the ultras

"Tickets or whistles"

Juve condemn blackmail and retaliation

Twelve arrested

Boban to Giampaolo

"I expected more"

"Either give us free tickets or we'll sing racist chants"

Dzeko, on the issue of racism: "It's more prevalent here than anywhere else. The FIGC must intervene"

Champions League of the stars is back: let's enjoy Napoli and Inter

All-star game


Ancelotti fired up: "Against the Reds we'll look to impose our quality. The objective is to go through"

Inter-Slavia Prague

Conte bites back at critics: "I'm not a Champions League Coach? Cliches. I want bravery and intensity"

Lecce blow

Toro fade away

The Sinisa blitz

He was born this way

"Do it like Juve"

But what Toro is this?

1-2: umpteenth chance missed to step up a level

A great Lecce win with Farias and Mancosu

Belotti's penalty not enough as he has another denied in the 100th minute

Inter lone leaders after two years

Champions League: Zhang's wake-up call for Inter

Ronaldo's tears

Napoli, night of champions with Liverpool