Wednesday 9 October 2019

Milan: today starts the (uphill) adventure of the new Coach

Stairway to Pioli

There's a need to win over disappointed fans, who are protesting his arrival: recover in the table right away with good football and young plyers

Giampaolo and the club, a long misunderstanding of 111 days


"I was also a victim of bullying. Now dear boys, defend yourselves like this"

Inter relief

They can already take back... Sensi in the Champions League

Fonseca out for two games, but Roma are not having it

What a party in Palermo for Italy's women

Father Pioli

From today the ex-Viola attempts a miraculous revival of Milan

He signed a two-year contract worth €2m per season plus a Champions League bonus

He is modern in his football and old-fashioned in his rapports

Inherits a depressed team and directors who bet it all on its ferocious counter-attacks

But he must convince the fans, who protest against the club

Gattuso close to Samp

Genoa, Andreazzoli stays

Ferrero pressing for Ringhio, Guidolin doesn’t convince Preziosi: for now, there is no change

Fonseca, two-match ban

Roma appeal

Ban after the red card, the Coach will miss Samp and Milan

De Ligt: ‘Juve help you to grow’

‘The club puts faith in you, but it was a tough start’

‘I need to argue with Inzaghi to score goals’

Immobile jokes about his rapport with the Lazio Coach

‘I hope to repay my debt to the Nazionale on Saturday’

Help, the Azzurri talents have disappeared!

Over the last decade, we no longer have prospects of international level

Italy wear green, FIGC plays in defence

Secretary: ‘Not an insult’

Donnarumma: ‘I like it’

‘Bari, this is how football changes a community’

Luigi De Laurentiis and the relaunch of the Biancorossi: ‘With the academy and schools, we create value all over the territory’

Juve, there’s nobody like you

Only big European club unbeaten in all competition

All the great Champions League rivals have lost at least once: from Liverpool to Man City, from PSG to Bayern, from Real to Barca

Bianconeri never defeated and with important improvements to come

Milan to Pioli

But the fans don’t like Plan B

Club under attack from the Rossoneri supporters

The Toro turning point

Nkoulou to be locked down and squad reduced

Renewal for the defender

San Siro says no

Stadium project greeted by gaffes and jeers

New arena is unconvincing

Euro women: Bosnia beaten

Spectacular and winning Italy with Girelli and Giugliano