Sunday 20 October 2019

Juve, two Martians

CR…701 opens, a final Buffon miracle saves the 2-1 result

Victory and goosebumps

Sarri, what a struggle to overcome Mihajlovic: emotions to the last second at the Stadium

Fifth win in a row for the Bianconeri, who go to +4 over Inter for one night

So much applause for Sinisa, his Bologna play well, go close to an equaliser and recriminate for De Ligt handball at the 93rd

Belotti leads Torino in Udine to seek European points

Atalanta break away, Lazio comeback, but Gasp attacks: ‘They were helped’

The Nerazzurri Coach protests at both penalties on Immobile: ‘Sneaky’

Inzaghi hits back: ‘They were clear’

Inter chase

Conte, you need Lukaku: ‘Forward with heads high and chests puffed out’

Against Sassuolo to remain in the slipstream

Milan charge

Pioli relies on Leao: ‘We have the horses, now it’s time to let them loose’

At San Siro against Lecce, debut for the new Coach

Napoli go slow, but Milik wakes them up

Polish brace against Verona

Roma, Ranieri is back and this time he’s the ‘enemy’

In Genoa with Samp: weather warning risks

The arm mystery

Ronaldo-Pjanic, Juve take flight, but Bologna want a penalty

In stoppages, De Ligt hits the ball with his elbow, Irrati consults with VAR and does not award a penalty

Santander off the crossbar and Buffon miracle: Sarri saved at the death

Napolik is back

A 2-0 victory over Verona is sealed by one man, Milik

The Pole: ‘I am hungry for goals’

Ancelotti: ‘Cleared the air from clouds’

Lazio, here is your soul

Against Atalanta, they go to hell and back

The first half was 0-3 for the Nerazzurri, then dominated the second period

Immobile earns and converts two penalties for 3-3

Gasp: ‘He’s a diver’

Paulo’s ire: ‘Too many games’

Injuries, Fonseca accuses

Weather alerts allow Samp-Roma to go ahead

‘Now no more blackmail by ultras leaders’

Interview with Giannini, Anti-terrorism chief

‘Protect football from infiltrations’

Pep back on track

Double City, who now cheer on United

In the Premier League today, Manchester-Liverpool

Liga: Barca go, Real KO

The charge of the 701 brigade

Fifth victory in a row, Juve climb to +4 over Inter

Ronaldo just can’t stop: scores against Bologna, who reply with Danilo and then surrender to Pjanic goal

In stoppages, the Rossoblu protest for a penalty, then Santander hits the bar and there’s a Buffon miracle

Sinisa deserves the Golden Bench award

Crazy Atalanta, but Gasp is furious

From 3-0 to 3-3, the Coach attacks Immobile: ‘Ridiculous penalties’

Lazio: ‘Unacceptable’

La Dea: ‘We have the right to comment’

Milik double

Napoli suffer, then smile with their hitman

The Pole takes down Verona

Watch out for those two

Toro today in Udine bet it all on the Belotti-Zaza pairing

Conte already at a crossroads

After two defeats in a row and injury crisis, there’s the Sassuolo trap: Inter need to be picked up

Pioli turning point

Temptation to start Leao and no training retreat

Tonight there’s Milan-Lecce

Samp: Ranieri on the attack against his Roma