Sunday 15 January 2012

Mamma mia, what a derby!

Rossoneri: Pato more than Robinho

Berlusconi: ‘I said no to PSG’

Nerazzurri: Ranieri has one doubt, start Sneijder or not?

Matri in the record-breaking Juve against Cagliari

Lazio-Atalanta at lunch-time, a Klose-Denis goal duel

Catania-Roma rained off at 1-1

Torino back on top, Samp reborn at Padova

Milan-Inter, the goal derby

Berlusconi reveals: ‘I was the one who stopped Pato’

Allegri with Ibra and Robinho

Ranieri looks to Milito-Pazzini

Catania and Roma halted by a thunderstorm

Napoli want to lock down Mazzarri

Juve on the attack with Matri, but Borriello on the bench

Juve: Break away + Behrami

Conte believes in the double whammy

Today against Cagliari ‘so we can watch the derby from +3 points’

Toro: Antenucci goal, two kicks to Serie B

Ascoli KO, Granata top and Meggiorini to sign tomorrow

Allegri-Ranieri: Derby crossroads

Milan: ‘We must win to knock them out’

Inter: ‘We win to get back in the race’

Thunderstorm halts Catania and Roma