Saturday 23 November 2019

A super Saturday (but without Ronaldo)

The league resumes with three very important clashes


CR7, still problems with his knee: ‘I’ll be back soon’

Sarri: ‘Yes, with Atletico’

Papu-Dybala-Higuain: Tango!


Pioli-Ancelotti, failure is forbidden

Piatek plays for his future

De Laurentiis: €2.5m in fines for the mutineers


Belotti-Lukaku, the battle of the 9s

First clash between the two hitmen

Conte explains the Kama Sutra

Mazzarri wants the Toro spirit

Hospital: Mihajlovic had bone marrow transplant, it all went ok

Cellino tells off Balo, is this goodbye Brescia?

Mario tempted by Galatasaray

Lukaku exclusive

His first Italian interview

Inter, now I will repay you

‘Being the most expensive signing in the history of the club doesn’t weigh on me, as I’ll make up for it by scoring goals’

‘Conte is unique: we know what to do in any situation. He and Mou are the best’

‘Scudetto? Best be quiet. Racism can be beaten by following the English example’

Conte: I explain sex to the players

The coach reveals his technique in an interview with L’Equipe

‘It’s important to strain as little as possible’

Nerazzurri visit Toro tonight

Juve without Ronaldo: ‘He’ll be back in the Champions League’

Dybala-Higuain against Atalanta

Sarri: ‘Nothing to clarify with Cristiano’

Napoli, all on Lorenzo with Milan

Insigne regenerated by the Nazionale now wants to conquer San Siro

Balo is Balo’s worst enemy

SuperMario in crisis, tomorrow against Roma

Sinisa dismissed after transplant

Bologna, statement from the Sant’Orsola hospital: ‘Satisfactory condition’

Yesterday he was at the Casteldebole ground again

Mou, debut with a derby

Eyes on the Portuguese coach, today on the bench as Tottenham take on West Ham

A crazy Saturday!

Atalanta-Juventus, Milan-Napoli and Torino-Inter

Zapata and Ronaldo the absentees

Gasperini focuses on Papu, while Sarri relaunches Dybala from the start alongside Higuain

Pioli: Come on Piatek

Ancelotti, all in the balance

Daniel Maldini in the Rossoneri squad

Napoli, tension remains high

From Ibra to Kessie, the transfer market in the background

Mazzarri: I believe

Conte: It’s an emergency

Granata between confidence and protests: more graffiti against Cairo

Inter with five absentees

Balotelli: Cellino steps in, but Mario is out

Brescia controversy

Mourning: Sassuolo, goodbye Mrs Squinzi

She dies just 50 days after her husband