Monday 16 January 2012

Inter scream

Nerazzurri beat Milan with a Milito goal and are back in the race

Moratti: “Ranieri is a wise guy. Now we’ll see about Tevez…”

And Juve are top on their own

Udinese stop as Genoa celebrate

Lazio re-start

Fiorentina down

Crazy Inter

They win derby with Milito [1-0], fly to -5 from Milan and -6 from the top: The Scudetto is possible

Juve, draw and first place!

Lazio hit back straight away

Today it’s Napoli’s turn

Lecce big win, Fiorentina besieged

Barca, what a struggle

City try to break away

Pescara, operation overtake against Verona

Juve benefit

Draw with Cagliari, but Inter’s win sees them at the top on their own

Milito, Ranieri’s Prince

Toro: There is Canini in their plan A

Genoa, Marino’s revenge

Viola crisis, fans furious

Lazio OK. And now Dzagoev

Novara fall, Tesser risks

Palermo KO: Mangia to return?