Monday 9 December 2019

Another win in Emilia, 3-2 at Bologna


Piatek is scoring again, Milan are dreaming again


Anti-crisis manoeuvre

Juve and their flashes (also from Ronaldo)

But it’s a puzzle in the middle

Inter – Will Barca 2 come?

Record gate receipts and Messi doubtful

Mercato: Alonso in pole for left-back

Zaza is back: EuroToro go

Balotelli relaunches Corini’s Brescia

SPAL: Semplici risks the sack

Exclusive Capello interview

‘Scudetto for four’

‘It’s between Inter, Juve, Lazio and Roma’

‘Inzaghi has taken football back to its basics. It’s quality that makes entertainment. Players don’t dribble anymore and referees whistle too often. I have an idea for VAR. Tomorrow we’ll see who has character in the Champions League’

Montella in a corner, confidence to a degree

Fiorentina fall at Torino too (2-1) for a fourth consecutive defeat

Inter and Roma games decisive

Commisso: ‘We’ll see how it goes’

Milan back on track, Bologna beaten

Piatek, Hernandez and Bonaventura beat the Rossoblu at the Dall’Ara: 3-2

Mihajlovic returns to the bench

Cagliari, another comeback

Balotelli goal, Brescia run and Semplici at risk

Ranieri crumbles too

Ancelotti and the Azzurri crisis

Carlo hangs on and won’t resign

The Napoli coach is going through a difficult moment, but reiterates he will keep going

‘Never thought of giving in’

The truth is tomorrow with Genk


Juve are late compared to last season: Seven points and six goals less, seven more conceded. Sarri’s recipe to bounce back

The comeback slithers

Toro win their third match in four against Fiorentina, but the protests continue: New banners and chants at the stadium

This is Milan! European form

Bologna, Sinisa is not enough