Thursday 12 December 2019


Atalanta get the job done in the Champions League: they’re in the last 16

They write history by dominating Shakhtar in a 3-0 win, with goals from Castagne, Pasalic and Gosens

Now they will face either Liverpool, Barcelona or PSG

Miracle man Gasp

“This is a victory for Italian football”

Juve, the trio works. CR7 and Pipita with goals

They beat Leverkusen and conclude the group with 16 points

Dybala comes on and unleashes Ronaldo and Higuain

Inter ready for first strikes

Kulusevski and Marcos Alonso in January

Marotta is already working to make Conte happy

But he must shield Lautaro: Barcelona tempts him

Gattuso introduces himself: Napoli, here’s Rino

“A great opportunity, we will make up ground. I spoke to Ancelotti and made myself clear”

Sprint for Europa League

Roma, Mkhitaryan for the last push

Lazio: only a win will do

I am Gennaro

Gattuso at Napoli to chase the Champions League miracle

‘Don’t compare me to Ancelotti: he is like a father to me. Seeing this team in seventh place is embarrassing. I am proud to be from the South. I’m swimming in a large sea and must not drown. Ibra? I talk only of my players’

Contract for six months at €750,000: renewal to 2021 if he at least gets fourth place

Gasperini, you are a magician

Historic 3-0 in Ukraine: Atalanta reach the Champions League last 16 at the first attempt

Juve close in Leverkusen with a fifth win in a row: Ronaldo and Higuain for 2-0

Inter summit, the objective is Vidal on loan

Zhang at the Pinetina ground

Champions League elimination does not exclude new signings in January

De Paul and Alonso also targets

Europa League with two Italians

Tonight it’s time for the other Roma

A draw would be enough against Wolfsberger, Fonseca changes half the team

Lazio in Rennes, but they are cheering on Celtic

Inzaghi needs a win and for the Scots to beat Cluj


Fabulous Atalanta: triumph in Ukraine with Castagne, Pasalic and Gosens

They snatch second place in the group and enter the Champions League Round of 16

Legendary achievement, which seemed impossible after defeats in the first three games

CR7-Higuain, goal and record

A pair of Dybala assists and Juve conquer Leverkusen, equalling the points tally set by Capello (2004-05) and Lippi (1996-97)

Toro shock

Curva Primavera in the news

Fans furious, as they are targeted with 75 banning orders and fines worth €80,000


Ringhio Star pride and Champions League

The Gattuso era begins

Historic turning point in the Senate

Sportswomen become professionals