Wednesday 18 January 2012

Tevez to PSG

Is this man worth €37m?

Argentine could sign for Ancelotti today, they also want Thiago Motta

Inter on Juan and Lucas, Branca in Brazil

Milan, Boateng stop, but Merkel is ready

Juve chase Kuzmanovic

Taider for the future

Tevez in Paris

Boateng, what a blow

KO, he’s out for a month. Today Novara in the Cup

Maradona: “I loved only Napoli”

Mutu: Dear Roma, no regrets, I’ll beat you if I can

Immobile: Zeman fires me up with criticism

Juventus sprint for Bocchetti or Caceres

Real-Barca, Mou against Guardiola again

Video rubbish

Vidal after De Sanctis: Another crazy invention

Guarin: “Juve or nothing”

Milan: Merkel

Boateng KO

Allegri: Scudetto

Inter, ciao Tevez: To PSG with Motta?

Blitz for Romulo

Here is Meggiorini

Now Fabbrini: “Toro, I’m there”