Sunday 22 January 2012

Juve are halfway there

Unbeaten Bianconeri win 2-0 at Atalanta and are Winter Champions

Conte: ‘So proud of these lads’

Totti 211 goals! Nobody like him in Italy

Milan to stay -1 with the ‘collector’ Ibra

Ranieri on the attack: ‘Respect Inter’

Torino draw and Sassuolo catch them

Yes, it’s a Scudetto Juve!

Win in Bergamo makes them Winter Champions

Milan forced to get a victory in Novara today

Totti the King for a super Roma

Giallorossi flatten Cesena 5-1 with captain’s brace

He overcomes Nordahl, as nobody has scored so many with a single jersey

Moratti: ‘Lucas is right for Inter’

Ranieri fury: ‘I demand respect’

Mazzarri wants clinical Napoli

Cassano: My two-year-old daughter was threatened!

Pescara soar to -1 from Sassuolo and Torino

Juve Winter Champions: Unstoppable

Bianconeri conquer Bergamo

Conte ends the first round on top and unbeaten regardless of Novara-Milan result

Record-breaking Totti, fantastic Roma

Only Milan for Tevez, so Moratti looks to Lucas

Genoa and Palermo amid trouble and fear

Cairo, fix it or lose Serie A