Monday 17 February 2020

 Headache for Inter, while Lazio and Juve celebrate

Italy’s best midfield crushed the Nerazzurri

Young delude, Padelli flop and Eriksen comes on late

Immobile and Milinkovic help secure comeback (2-1)

Inzaghi one behind: “We are title challengers”

Conte three behind: “Not great yet”

Sarri on his own at the top, Dybala scores to silence the whistling, Chiellini returned

The lady eagle flies high

Ibra-Belotti at San Siro

Gullit: “Milan, follow Boban and Maldini. Need of clarity”

Interview with the Dutch: “Only the youngsters aren’t enough”

Magic Mertens, Napoli go forward

But Gattuso: “I’m not sure”

Dispute at Cagliari

Gervinho returns and Parma climb to sixth

Fiorentina score five: peak at Samp

Blessed Lazio!

Milinkovic divine: seals the overtake with Inter (2-1)

Only Juve stand in front of Inzaghi

They are the big newcomers to the Scudetto race: Immobile and Sergej comeback after Young goal, Nerazzurri beaten in the play-off at the Olimpico

Aquile lay siege to the Old Lady, just one point behind

Juve overcome Brescia with Dybala and Cuadrado


Napoli can see Europe

Splendid Mertens goal, Rino wins in Cagliari: 1-0

Another victory away from home

Sixth place now only two points away

Gattuso: ‘We need consistency. Allan? I have no hard feelings’

Viola, what a manita

Ranieri now at risk

Fiorentina success in Genoa: 5-1

Chiesa and Vlahovic braces

Samp back in the Serie B zone

Sarri, that’s not enough!

Dybala (who invites the fans not to jeer) and Cuadrado seal victory, but Juve confirm against 10-man Brescia that they are slow and lacking fitness

Pjanic KO, Chiellini on for the final minutes

One shout: Lazio!

Inter overturned

Nerazzurri take the lead through Young, Immobile equaliser from the spot, then Milinkovic decisive

Inzaghi goes second, Conte slides to -3 from Juve

What a Viola!

Samp collapse alarms Ranieri

Vlahovic and Chiesa seal 5-1

Longo: ‘Toro, now go into battle!’

Tonight against Milan

Mertens gem


Napoli coup, Cagliari fans protest