Friday 21 February 2020

The Juventus midfield are looking for the lost goal

Sportweek: The new life of Marchisio: “I run more now than before”

Give the ball to Eriksen!

Goal, crossbar and…

The Dane lights up and Inter go again

Christian’s lethal shots in Ludogorets’ home

Lukaku’s penalty also stems from his feet: 2-0, round of 16 done for

But Messi calls for Lautaro

Conte has found the midfielder for the Scudetto

And at Roma, Carles Perez is enough

The Giallorossi score immediately to beat Belgian Gent 1-0

Volare Oh Oh!

Percassi: “Atalanta, I still can’t believe it. I’m lost for words”

The showdown: Milan, Maldini & Boban and the shadow of Rangnick

Elliott, who are you with?

The future of Pioli and the risk of paralysis

Need clarification with Gazidis

Napoli against Balotelli: the dress rehearsal before Barcelona

Look at Eriksen go!

He scores a goal, rattles the crossbar and books a Round of 16 spot

Inter, 2-0 away to Ludogorets

Convincing performance from the Dane

Lukaku comes on, provides the assist for 1-0 and scores the second

Perez oxygen

Roma back to winning ways after more than a month thanks to the Spaniard signed in January: 1-0 against Gent

Where ideas dare

Lazio and Atalanta lessons

Their books are balanced, they help form champions, play a new style of football and enchant the fans: two centenary clubs are changing history

Gattuso in Brescia, with Messi on his mind: ‘Napoli, why not?’

Five-a-side football scandal

Escorts in exchange for confidential news: President Montemurro in trouble

Ramsey the key for Pogba

Manchester United jump for the Welshman, who can become an important exchange for the France international

Exclusive with Lyon President: ‘If Juve beat us, they’ll win the Champions League’

Finally Eriksen

And Roma discover Perez

Europa League, first leg in the Round of 32: Inter win in Bulgaria with the Dane’s first goal and a Lukaku penalty (2-0)

Giallorossi 1-0 against Gent thanks to their January reinforcement

Golden Dea

Champions League, already €50m and another €13m are on the way

Atalanta to be applauded: achievements bring fresh resources

‘Belotti stays’

Granata President: ‘I will not sell the club’

Toro, Cairo promises: ‘Gallo won’t go to Napoli’

Milan revolution, Braida could return

Gattuso in Brescia this evening: ‘Thinking of Barça is banned’