Saturday 28 March 2020

Maxi Market to relaunch football

FIFA idea: a marathon session from the summer until the end of the year, to help clubs build their squad in the best possible way and to save their budgets.

And on the merry-go-round of names, there are many big players on expiring contracts or on the edge: Donnarumma and Higuain, Icardi and Vidal, and even Pogba, Chiesa and Tonali.

The real restart is the next season

Jack and Paqueta, the duo that tickles Fiorentina

Inter: Young and Moses already booked, and the future will still be “English”

The former United and the Nigerian on loan from Chelsea will stay

Alonso or Emerson for later

The darkest day: 969 dead. The Pope prays, Mattarella screams

“Test the ill before the start”

Warning from the Federation’s medical department: A protocol prescribes clubs to investigate to exclude damage to the respiratory system

Dybala: I missed the fresh air; my body feels heavy

The star tells his story after the infection: “Me and my girlfriend are feeling fine now, but it was tough”

“Football will be more genuine”

Exclusive interview. What Ancelotti thinks happen after the coronavirus outbreak

“When all this ends, there will be a general downsizing. Coaches and players will earn half of what they do now, the ticket prices will drop, TV will pay less and maybe everything will be better”

Salary cuts, no agreement has been found

The clubs would like to freeze the payments, but the players opt for a reduction

The distance remains wide. Gravina: “Agreement necessary”

Four-month transfer market

The Associations and FIFA study the hypothesis of prolonging the transfer market until November

Juve, salary cuts: CR7 says yes

Agnelli: UEFA should stop Financial Fair Play

The Juventus chief and ECA President writes to the other European clubs: “We are facing a real existential threat. Football is at a standstill and our revenues are the same. We are discussing how to review the current system”

“With the virus you don’t play”

The protest of the Ultras: “It makes no sense to return to the pitch”

The English tribute: Wembley light up in Italian colours

Goldaniga: “My family locked up for a month in Codogno”

Marengo: “Toro, there’s a future if you return to be Toro”