Sunday 29 March 2020

Juve give us a cut

First time in Serie A: Players and club reach understanding

The most beautiful play by the Old Lady

It will be €90m in total with the reduction of the salaries from March to June

Chiellini’s proposal passed

Barella tutor of Castrovilli. How Inter will become more Italian

Milan: The squad are with Pioli. He will stay if they enter Europe

Casasco warns sport: “No headlong rush”

“Football and the country will start again together”

The President of the Medical Federation of Sport confirms the protocol: “The infected athletes will be tested on lungs and functional capacity; their health means more than the economy”

Juve cut €90m

The Bianconeri anticipate everyone: An agreement has been reached, which envisages recontracting in the event of a resumption and the recovery of 2.5 months next year. Tomorrow the summit between Lega and AIC (The Players’ Association).

Abel Balbo opens his heart, from virus to memories

“He gave everyone a lesson on the fight against Covid-19, I’m afraid for my son but faith helps me: The Pope made an extraordinary speech”

Godin accuses: “Exposed to the virus”

The Inter defender in Uruguay: “They wanted us to continue to play until the moment the sanitary system tilted”

Milik cooking for the hospitals

The Napoli attacker has made his restaurant in Katowice available to pack meals for the Polish doctors and nurses

“Forza Bergamo!”

President Percassi’s message to the city: “We are not used to giving up, I hope Atalanta’s results can help them smile”

Juventus agree on wage cut of €90m!

Like our paper anticipated, the Bianconeri precedes everything and come to an agreement with their squad and with Sarri for the salary reduction. The club confirmed on their official website that they will save €90m in four months.

The big exchange deals!

Dossier: The Sneaky enemy, but we can conclude the campaign”

When the stadiums become the story

Ferrante: “Cairo, trust Longo and Asta”

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