Monday 30 March 2020

Captain, my captain!

On and off the pitch: Chiellini the true leader

This is how he prepares for a future as a manager

Battle of the wheat

Summit Dal Pino-Tommasi regarding the salary cut

Another fight between Lega Serie A and the government

Lautaro marries Inter

The Bull loves Milan and Zhang won’t sell the precious stars

The “wall” of the maxi clause

Everybody wants him but the Nerazzurri resist

He would like to stay despite the interest from Barca

Savicevic: I like it

“Milan focus on Leao. The advances have made the club lucky”

De Roon: “I suffer with Bergamo. I think about the doctors who lost their lives”

Tommasi talks: “Health first. Yes, to the Juve salary cut”

The Players’ Association President meet the summit of the Lega.

“The championship might not resume. The agreement at the Bianconeri builds a foundation”

The Lega and the Minister clash

Spadafora attacks Serie A and announces the stop of games and trainings until April 30

Spadafora: “The big clubs live above their means, like in a bubble. They must understand that nothing will be like before”

Dal Pino: “This is not the time for demagoguery. Serie A plays a fundamental role in supporting all Italian sport.”

The rights, Cassese: Sport can’t invoke ad hoc rules”

Preparation, Pincolini: “Two weeks enough to return to the pitch”

Economy, why the FISCO can’t lose a “client” like football

“I would like to hug my father”

Antonio Candreva: “He lives in Rome and is ill, I always think about him. Conte is great, he has changed me”

“Let’s save next season”

 Roberto Pruzzo: “Football will start again, reviewing all its parameters”

The Astori family enters the pitch

The family collects a fund to help the doctors in memory of Davide

“Protect the referees”

Nicchi asks for economical and sanitary guarantees for the match officials

Gagliardini: “Bergamo, we will fly again”

Do like Juve

The agreement between the club, the players and Sarri for the salary cut is an example for all the clubs and for all the players in Serie A.

We tell you what happened after the agreement at the Bianconeri. Chiellini played a fundamental part and has passed the first exam to become a… manager

Xavier Jacobelli: Bianconeri an example and own goal by Spadafora

Pippo Inzaghi: “Serie B must finish, even in August”

Gianni de Biasi: “Thanks Albania! You have a big heart”

Andrea Pirlo: “Let’s not leave Brescia alone”

Two years after Mondonico dissappeared

Longo: “Always with us!”

Samp mourn: Farewell Filippo Mantovani

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